To be or not to be (a multitasker), that is the question…


My Levi's Wedgie Jeans

As you might have noticed I haven’t posted any new blog posts for the last week or so, and this happens every now and then. So I though I should compile all my thoughts in a blog post. And today I’m talking about being creative at the same time as being a multitasker.

Spoiler: I don’t believe in it!

And here’s why: To put it short I don’t believe you can create something great at the same time as you’re multitasking. Multitasking simply means that you’re doing multiple things at the same time, not focusing on any one of them. Which in turn means that your not doing your best. For a multitasker, quantity is more important than quality. And if we look around us in this world, we don’t need more quantity, we need quality! Things that keep, things that are thought through, things that are meaningful. Not just more crap. Becuase let’s be honset, we got plenty of crap. Crap on the internet, crap in our homes, crap in our seas. Everywhere is filled with crap.


My bachelor’s thesis

Which leads me to what I’ve been up to for the last week (and will be for two more to come). I’m finishing my bachelor’s thesis. And to avoid that being just another part of the crap in this universe it needs my full focus. So instead of feeling stressed and contributing to the creation of crap, I haven’t posted anything on the blog.

(And don’t get me wrong, of course I can multitask. I’ve been forced to learn in this fast pace society we live in. But I rather do fewer things really well and channel my creative energi to one thing. To live more stress free and do better.)



As content creators we’re supposed to publish at certain times each week. Me myself am going for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But if I got something more important to do, may that be finishing my bachelors degree or eating a dinner with my grandparents. That will come before posting something crappy and not thought through just for the sake of posting. Because what will that actually give you as a reader? Absolutely nothing! (more than 5 minutes less of your life)

I think priorities are important, everyone need to choose what’s important to oneself. And I have set my priorities. So I’m done with apologizing for not publishing content every time I’m ”supposed” to. Because as kliché as it sounds, life happens, and you should enjoy it!


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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