A little post about how it feels to have graduated university


I've graduated

But first, let’s just appreciate this amazing bag I got from my parents. (I think I should graduate more often!) It’s called DKNY Bryant Park Mini Cross-body but I don’t know what the color’s called. It’s the perfect red wine color which is appropriate since I wrote my bachelor thesis about red wine (designing labels for red wine but still). And best of all, it’s super Pinterest worthy!

I studied a program called Graphic Design and Communication which will hopefully open the doors for all kinds of jobs. Art director, copywriter, marketer, communicator, editor, photographer, camerawoman, anything?! So now I’m taking a little break for the summer spending my time reading a couple of distance courses while I’m traveling, blogging and doing all the fun stuff! And then, it’s time to find a job! I’m so excited!


I've graduated

The 5 best things about graduating

  • No more stress
  • A world filled with possibilities
  • The feeling of achieving something
  • Finally being able to do whatever I’m interested in
  • Being celebrated by my wonderful family for something I’ve achieved (not just growing older)


I've graduated

The 5 worst things about graduating

  • Not knowing when I’ll get a job
  • Saying goodbye to my friends
  • Changing my routines
  • That I now need to find my own knowledge
  • That it’s the end of an era


I've graduated

This weekend my family came to visit and we had a wonderful time. Waffle breakfast, Italian food at Pane Fresco, ice cream at Smultronstället and a lot of cake and flowers. (Can you notice that I love food?)


I've graduated

And since I studied design, my brother made this beautiful card thinking about all the design rules… or not! (just look at that print quality and hyphenation…) But thank you Thias!

It feels crazy to have finally graduated and I almost don’t know what to do with myself. For now, I’m just going to enjoy it! (And if you have a job opportunity, feel free to send me an email! haha)


I've graduated


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