The nail polish that got me to Paris.


L'oreal Paris Oyster Bay

This is the story about the nail polish that got me and my boyfriend to Paris. L’oreal Paris had a competition on their Facebook page where you could win a trip to Paris if you sent in a motivation of which product was your favorite. So that’s what I did! (a mix of fangirling and all the french words I could muster.)

And guess what? I won!

Ever since then I’ve had a special place in my heart for this nude gorgeousness – L’oreal Paris Oyster Bay. (My favorite L’oreal Paris product for you who didn’t guess that) Because I got very fair skin, nude products is a bit difficult for me. Most things look orange or brown. But this nail polish is just light enough to work perfectly for a nude look. I also love the slight peach and gold shimmer which makes it pop!

I’m going to say a big statement right now and that is, if I only got L’oreal Paris Oyster Bay and Smith and Cult Dark Like Me I would be set nail polish wise. (Whoa!)

And horror of all horrors, this polish has been discontinued. I almost thought so because L’oreal has come out with their new range of polishes for some time ago, but when I set down to write this post I discovered that it’s actually discontinued for real. Any dupe recommendations are very welcome! (btw, I bought three backups just now, so I should be able to survive for some time, but please send dupes!)

And this was part two of my nail polish collection! If I was a true minimalist and less of a beauty hoarder, this would be the end of my collection. But since that’s not the case (yet!) you have about 8-9 more posts to look forward to. Enjoy! If you missed my last post about Smith and Cult Dark Like Me you can find it here.


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