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what's in my bookshelf

I thought I should take the opportunity to talk a little bit about what’s in my bookshelf at the moment! During the last few months I’ve collected quite a stash of books. I haven’t read all of them yet but by the look of it they seem really dreamy. So here’s a kind of ”what’s in my bookshelf” for you guys. Enjoy!


what's in my bookshelf

Love x Style x Life

This book is my first real favorite in a long time! It’s hilarious. I love the subjects discussed. A lovely mix of – as the title says – love, style and life. And Garance Doré is such a creative writer which makes the reading really enjoyable.

The New Garconne

Lately I’ve been in a search for my ultimate style. (And life in general) And that’s when I stumbled upon this book! It’s a really interesting read and even if I’m not going to become a full blown Garconne, I’ve ended up feeling very inspired. And it’s broadened my view on fashion.


what's in my bookshelf

Capture your style

Since I’m a bit of a tech freak. I love gadgets and the different medias – like social media. This book is all about Instagram and how to capture your style. I haven’t given this a proper read jet but I’m very excited to get started.


what's in my bookshelf

Loveletters from Great Men

After seeing Carrie Bradshaw casually reading this book in Sex and the City it felt like a must for any hopeless romantic – myself included. It’s so interesting to get a glimpse into the minds of the great men of our time. And who can get to much of love stories?


what's in my bookshelf

Pretty Iconic

If you’re a beauty freak like me this is you modern history book. It’s a complete book of all iconic beauty products with history and fun trivia. I read this one as a coffee table book – a couple of pages every now and then. Sali Hughes other book Pretty Honest is also a good read if you’re into beauty!


what's in my bookshelf

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