Here you can find some of the favorite things I’ve created.

Garden Design – Dissolution

One of my first garden design projects was to create a garden inspired by a piece of artwork.

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Garden Plans

Here I have tried to create two different illustrations showing the contents and general look of a garden.

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Product Photography | Proclé

One of my favorite projects have been the product photography for Proclé.

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Printed work | Full page ads

Here are a a couple of ads I’ve created.

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Banners, newsletters and instagram

Here you can see some of the content I created for campaigns on colorsvibe.se

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Physical illustrations | Art

Here you can see some of the illustrations I’ve created using ink and watercolors.

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Digital illustrations | Art

One of my largest interests is illustration. Something I spend a large chunk of my spare time doing.

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Things that move

Things that move | Animations

Who doen’t love when pictures move? We all wish we could live in the world of Harry Potter but until then gifs is close enough.

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7 sorters riktigt små kakor

Packaging Design

A few packaging designs I have created.

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