The grey-ish lilac


Smith and Cult Doe My Dear

Smith and Cult Doe My Dear

The third part of my nail polish collection is inspired by The Anna Edit and her love for Nails Inc Porchester Square and Smith and Cult Doe My Dear. I really love the way a lilac purple looks on the nails and out of the two Doe My Dear is definitely my favorite. It’s a bit more delicate looking then Porchester Square. Doe My Dear is one of those nail polishes that I always get compliments on when wearing. I think this is because it’s almost a bit nude and works with almost every outfit. A fresh color for spring and summer. And the formulation of Smith and Cult nail polishes is my fave.

But since I’m a bit of a bore when it comes to nail polishes I usually stick to Smith and Cult Dark Like Me or maybe L’oreal Paris Oyster Bay. But it’s fun to have a lilac to switch around with when I’m feeling colorful!




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