Which is why I bought two backups


glossier stretch concealer

Since I first tried the Glossier Stretch Concealer it has been love at first sight! It’s an amazing product in a super cute packaging – and here are the 5 reasons I think that the Glossier Stretch Concealer is amazeballs:


1. It’s a bit light reflecting

Which makes the skin look flawless.


2. It’s a concealer/tinted mositurizer in one.

You can mix it with you day cream to get the perfect tinted moisturizer aswell as using it as a concealer on the parts were you need more full coverage.


glossier stretch concealer

3. It got a super glossy finish

Which makes your face look fresch ang glowy! And most importantly – like skin!


4. It comes in a practical pot

Which means that you can have it in your luggage without needing to worry about it leaking out everywhere.


5. The beautiful packaging

Do I need to say anything more?


glossier stretch concealer

(P.s I use the shade Light)


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